Now-a-days it has been common when we come across with most of the people complain about lifestyle and blame it for all of their problems. So a day two old friends together decided to dig more on it and come up with a solution or let say decided to take a step towards solution and come up with an idea to have an online store under the flagship of Triphala Pharmacy – A unit of Smart Hind.

A study from WHO proves that 60% of related factors to anyone health and quality of life are correlated to lifestyle, and now-a-days majority of follow an unhealthy lifestyle on the name of night life and urban culture which results in to sickness, disability, metabolic disorders, hypertension, obesity, cardio-vascular issues, joint & skeletal issues etc….

AS per studies there are core nine factors of life style that affect on health, and under we are targeting three out of them to help people follow a healthy lifestyle that is synchronized with nature;

  1. Diet,
  2. Proper Medication,
  3. Study.

Below we will explain each of three in detail:


We all know day by day as we are growing our food consumption is rise and obviously demand of it, to full fill that in past and up to extent in present too farmers relied more upon chemical, pesticides & fertilizers and for time being it certainly increased the capacity of more production of crops, vegetables and other edible items, but it also increased a chance to get exposed towards many life threatening disease. e.g.  Cancer, Alzheimer, Diabetes, Parkinson, endocrine disruption, birth defects, Asthma, Learning and development disorders, Reproductive and sexual dysfunction etc….

As per a leading health portal study says that 28 out of the 40 most commonly used pesticides in schools have been linked to cancer, while 79 have been linked to other serious or life-threatening diseases or disorders.

The only solution to this we should avoid food gained though chemical, pesticides and fertilizers based agriculture and we should for the food produced through Organic farming,   and in context of India we had a rich culture of agriculture and economy based on India Cows, we should consume foods farmed though Gau Aadharit krishi or Jaivik kheti.

Day-By-Day farmers are getting attracted towards organic farming or Gau Aadharit Kheti / Jaivik kheti from conventional agriculture but people are less aware about them so they cannot reach them directly and approach for zero chemical food items or crops harvested through jaivik methodology or desi gau aadharit krishi.

Here we found a space and decided to fulfil the gap between demand and supply of zero chemical food items or crops harvested through jaivik methodology or desi gau aadharit krishi through our online selling portal here we have partnered directly with many farmers who are farming absolutely based on through jaivik methodology or desi gau aadharit krishi and deliver it directly to consumers who has ordered for fully organic food items.

Proper Medication

Well a good diet is itself a preventive medication but we all are human being and all of us get sick some of the times due to various reasons and here we need proper medication and most suitable kind of medical consultation and medicines that means even the medicines that we consume must not be injurious to health medicines must be good for overall health.

If we go in detail to explore what is Lifestyle we will find it is a method used by people, country, or society formed in specific geographical, economic, political, cultural and religious text. Lifestyle is referred to the characteristics of inhabitants of a region in special time and place.

Hence in India for Treatment and medication we have long rooted, and practiced from thousands of years medical system or chikitsha paddhati known as Ayurvedic Chikitsha or Ayurvedic medical System.

Ayurveda is famous for its no side effect characteristics yet capable to deliver results which are no less than miracles many times, But in today’s race we have been getting cut off  from our rich culture and knowledge system like Ayurveda, infact at many places it is hard to find Ayurvedic Medicine Shop or Ayurvedic Aushadh Bhandar people are not even aware which Ayurvedic Medicine is Shashtrokat (Mentioned in Ayurvedic Scriptures) and which one is formulated by individuals over the period of time based on Ayurvedic principles

To make people aware about Ayurvedic Medicines and avail Ayurvedic medicines to patients or needy person at their door step has partnered with few pioneer Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers who has done tremendous work in the field of quality Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing e.g. Shree Shanker Ayurvedic Pharmacy and availing all of their best in class Ayurvedic medicines through our portal from where a end user can buy it in case of generic medicines or Visitor / patient can go for medical diagnosis with our Expert Ayurvedic Consultants or Vaidya on a very nominal consultation fee.


Study is one of the factors that define a healthy lifestyle, it is also known as food for soul, and a sound soul and sound body is directly associated with each other. Having study in our daily habit it may lead for more physical and physiological wellness.

As per a leading health portal Study could slow process of dementia and there are less chances of Alzheimer’s disease.