Aptantrakar Vati

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Aptantrakari Vati is polyherbal and an anticonvulsant Ayurvedic formulation. It prevents the severity and frequency of seizures in various types of epilepsy.

The different types of anticonvulsants may act on different receptors in the brain. The effect of Aptantrakari Vati is on brain and nervous system.


Uses of Aptantrakari Vati

This medicine is indicated in convulsive disorders (Akshepa), hysteria, epileptic seizure, vata disorders.

Convulsive disorders are medical condition in which body muscles contract and relax rapidly and repeatedly, resulting in an uncontrolled shaking of the body.


  1. Keep away from direct sunlight
  2. Keep out of reach and sight of children
  3. Store in cool dry place
  4. Do not self medicate

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