Bala Tail

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Bala Tail is ayurvedic oil, used to treat VATA disease Asthama, cold, cough, emaciation, vomiting, wound, fever, bloating, spleen disease, epilepsy, neuro muscular disorder.

  • It is one of the preferred massage oil for new born babies.
  • It can be used externally and orally both way, It is widely used in Panchkarma chikitsa / Panchakarma Procedures.
  • It Balances VATA.
  • Effective results in Neuro muscular and musculo skeletal disorders.
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Why to Buy Bala Tail from Triphala Pharmacy:

Since its inception Triphala pharmacy has been one of the preferred choices by Panchkarma clinics, Ayurvedic Hospitals, Aushdhalay to fulfill their need of Bala tail, Tiphala pharmacy procures it from one the old Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer for them ethics and quality of product stands 1st. So it delivers best result in most of the case.

How to use Bala Tail:

Internally it can be consumed in the dose of 3 – 6 ml, once or twice a day, before food, with warm water or warm milk, or as per the prescription of Vaidya. If you are not sure about the medicine with reference to your need and case it is essentially recommended to consult with our skilled Vaidya’s. Click to Book an appointment with our Vaidya.

Externally it is widely used in Panckhkarma procedure of for Nasya, Shirovasti and Snehavasti. For Panchkarma procedures contact us on

Side Effect of Bala Tail:

There are no side effects of this medicine has been reported so far, but people with high BP and cholesterol need to be cautious while consume it.

In case of over consumption it may cause vomiting and indigestion.

Avoid consumption of cold items till 2 hours from the time oil is consumed orally.

Usage Period of the Oil:

The best way to identify this, consult your Vaidya.

In general it can be used externally for a long period of time and orally only Vaidya can recommend consumption time-frame.


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