Brahmi Oil

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Brahmi Tail or Oil is a very powerful ayurvedic medicine used to treat headache, dizziness, hair fall and Insomnia (Lack of sleep. Brahmi tail helps to relieve tension and anxiety. It relaxes mind and minimize stress. It is considered as excellent memory booster. It is very much recommended in depression patients.

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Brahmi Tail acts as a nerve & cardio tonic. It is very useful in revitalizing sense along with easing tension and anxiety. It also increase brain alertness & enhance brain functions. Brahmi Tail is also used for massage to control hair fall, anxiety, stress, & tension. It is used to cure headache and insomnia. It is very helpful to give relief dizziness.

Benefits of Brahmi Tail:

  • Brahmi oil is very useful for Insomnia patients,
  • Brahmi oil is useful to prevent mouth ulcers,
  • Brahmi oil has inflammatory properties; it helps to reduce swelling of joints & pain. It is also useful in backache,
  • Massage of Brahmi oil enhances blood circulation of brain as well concentration,
  • Massage of Brahmi oil over stomach relieves gastritis issues,
  • Brahmi oil is a very good memory booster,
  • Brahmi oil is a anti dandruff remedy,
  • Continuous use of Brahmi oil helps to cure syphilis,
  • It is useful in schizophrenia patients to reduce aggression and excessive talk,
  • It is useful in high BP patients. It helps to lower BP, albeit, to a small extent,
  • It is a brain revitalize.

Side Effects of Brahmi Tail:

There is no known side effects of Brahmi tail. But self medication is not recommended.


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