Flucore tablet is a unique combination of many herbs and immunity booster ingredients which is very effective ayurvedic medicine for various types of flu, Viral infections, Dengue, Chickangunia, swine flu, and many other seasonal health issues including cough and cold.

Flucore is also a great immunity booster which helps you to be safe from viral infections, it is also recommended to consume to treat mild covid-19 / corona infections.

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Flucore is an ayurvedic medicine in tablet form which is being used widely as a generic immunity booster tablet to prevent viral infections and mild corona infections. It is a patented product

Indications: –

  • Flu,
  • Viral infection,
  • Dengue,
  • Chikangunia,
  • Swine flu,
  • Cough,
  • Cold,
  • Body ache.

Precautions: –

It should be taken only under the strict observation of an Ayurvedic medical practitioner.

Self-medication with any medicine is not recommended.

Only purchase a medicine if it is prescribed by an Ayurvedic medical practitioner / Vaidya. You can also use our Ayurvedic consulting services by book an appointment with an Ayurvedic doctor / Vaidya.


60 Tab


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