Garbhpal Ras

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Garbhpal Ras is one of the most time tested ayurvedic medicine in tablet form used to treat fever during pregnancy. Garbhpal ras also strengths uterus, decrease tendency of abortion, Constipation & vomiting during pregnancy period.


Garbhapal ras is an ayurvedic medicine primarily used for treating fever, bleeding during pregnancy. Garbhpal ras is also used in puerperal care. Garbhpal rasa is also prescribed to reduce the chances of miscarriage and use of garbhpal rasa ensures nourishment to fetus.

Garbhpal rasa helps to improve health during pregnancy and protect the woman and the baby from the attack of disease.

Garbhpal rasa acts as a stomachic, Indicated in nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hyperacidity, bowel complaints & feverishness associated with pregnancy. Garbhpal rasa prevents recurrent abortion.

Side Effects of Garbhapal Rasa:

  • Self medication with this medicine must be strictly avoided,
  • This medicine must be consumed only under the observation of qualified Vaidya, and must be consumed as per the specified dose,
  • Garbhapal rasa must be consumed for a limited period of time,
  • It must be kept away from the reach of children.

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