Giloy Ghanvati

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Giloy Ghanvati is best known as immunity booster. It is beneficial in ayurvedic treatment of all kind of fever.

Giloy ghanvati also improves intelligence and memory. Giloy ghanvati enhances cognitive functions. It carries rejuvenating properties.

Giloy Ghanvati is widely used to manage auto immune disorders.



Giloy Ghan Vati is a tridosh nashak ayurvedic medicine. It detoxify AMA / pitta Dosha, pacifies Vata dosha & reduces kapha dosha. Giloy Ghanvati enhances immunity and prescribed to prevent disease e.g. common cold & cough, flu, recurrent infections and all kind of fevers.

Giloy ghanvati is very useful in chronic fever and chronic disease, it is used to cure chronic fever, gout, rheumatoid arthritis & malaise. It is also used for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, anemia, jaundice, cancer & skin disease in Ayurveda.

Giloy ghanvati is recommended along with other ayurvedic medicines in the treatment of swine flu.

Indications: –

  • All kind of fever (including chronic fever),
  • Gout,
  • Excessive Thirst,
  • Low Immunity,
  • Liver Ailments (Jaundice & Hepatitis),
  • Loss of Appetite,
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS),
  • High Cholesterol,
  • Cardiac Weakness,
  • Post Viral Fatigue,
  • Periodic Fever Syndrome,
  • Immunodeficiency disorders,
  • Recurrent infections & General Weakness.

Key Benefits of Giloy Ghanvati: –

  1. Boosts immunity
  2. Giloy ghanvati reduces recurrent infections
  3. Helpful in periodic fever syndrome
  4. Provides strength to the body and muscle
  5. Due to anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces muscle pain and it is beneficial in inflammatory diseases.
  6. Due to adaptogenic effects, it helps body coping with stress.
  7. Giloy ghanvati is beneficial in general body ache and general fatigue.
  8. Mild antipyretic properties of Giloy Ghan Vati reduce fever and assist other remedies used in fever.
  9. Giloy Ghan Vati also acts as blood purifier and thus helps reducing skin diseases and Pruritus (itching).
  10. Giloy ghanvati increases the urine output and reduces body toxins.

Precautions: –

It should be taken only under the strict observation of an Ayurvedic medical practitioner.

Self-medication with any medicine is not recommended.

Only purchase a medicine if it is prescribed by an Ayurvedic medical practitioner / Vaidya. You can also use our Ayurvedic consulting services by book an appointment with an Ayurvedic doctor / Vaidya.


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