Nityanand Ras

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Nityanand ras is an ayurvedic medicine for gout, piles, lymphadenitis, tumors, elephantiasis, etc. available in tablet form. Elephantiasis is also known as lymphatic filariasis.

Nityanand ras is an ayurvedic medicine used for Obesity, blood infection, fatty tissues, & muscle tissues.

Nityanand ras is also accepted a very effective ayurvedic medicine for cancer and lipoma prevention.

Nityanand ras is an ayurvedic medicine balances all tridosha.


Benefits of Nityanand ras:

  • Nityanand ras is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of Elephantiasis and fibroids,
  • Nityanand ras reduces thickening of skin lesions,
  • Nityanand ras is useful in swelling,
  • Nityanand ras promotes appetite and digestion,
  • Nityanand ras is effective in obesity,
  • Nityanand ras is an ayurvedic medicine to cure Elephantiasis or Filariasis associated with mild fever,
  • Nityanand ras is also useful for itching.

Precaution & Side Effect:

  • Self medication is injurious with this medicine,
  • Only consume this medicine under strict supervision of Vaidya,
  • Over dosage may cause severe piousness effect,
  • It is best avoided during pregnancy and lactation.

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