Sarsav Tail

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Sarsav / Sarso Tail or Sarsav Tailam is widely used ingredient in our kitchen, it is also known as Kadva Tail. But it is just not edible oil but it is also a great Ayurvedic medicine for disease caused due to Vata.

Sarsav/ sarso tail is also used as pain reliever.

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Sarsav / sarso tail has its very vital effects on our body, it is prescribed by wide number of Ayurvedic Panchakarma practitioners for various Panchkarma procedures including Abhyanga.

Sarsav / sarso tail primarily used for following but not limited to;

  • Sarsav/ sarso tail is used as a best pain reliever when massaged,
  • Sarsav/ sarso tail is very useful for Skin,
  • Sarsav/ sarso tail helps to cure itching,
  • Sarsav/ sarso tail is also used as best appetizer,
  • Sarsav/ sarso tail is used for weight loss,
  • Sarsav/ sarso tail is also recommended to prevent Asthma,
  • Sarsav/ sarso tail is used to cure toothache,
  • Sarsav/ sarso tail helps in improving immunity.

Side Effects:

  • There are no known side effects of Sarsav / sarso tail,
  • Ayrvedic consultation is recommended before considering Sarsav / sarso tail as a medicine.

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