Yavkashar is a basic ionic salt (alkali) prepared from barley aka Yava contaning potassium bi carbonate. It is very much useful and prescribed for the treatment of Urinary problems, abdominal issues, AmaVata, Kapha and vata vikar.

It is also used to detoxicate body from poisonous effect.

It is prescribed in the ayurvedic treatment of stomach cancer, uterus cancer, tumors in abdomen, bronchitis, burns, excessive discharge of mucus from nose or throat (Catarrh), perniosis, cholesterolosis, cholera, cough, debility, dyspepsia, fever, measles, inflammation, phthisis, puerperium, sores, and urogenital ailments.

Yavakshar has Diaphoresis & diuretic properties.


Yavakshar is an ayurvedic medicine and it balances kapha and vata dosha. Yavakshar is used as an ingredient for many ayurvedic medicines.

It is also used as a poultice for burns and wounds. It works as urinary coolant and gives good result in the treatment of blood in urine.

Yavakshar is also prescribed in heart disease, anemia, malabsorption, spleen enlargement, throat obstruction, cough, piles & haemorrhoids.

Yavakshar is also beneficial in non-cancerous prostate enlargement.

Side Effects of Yavakshar: –

  • It must be avoided in high pitta,
  • It must be avoided with an ongoing infertility treatment,
  • It should be avoided by the people who are underweight.

Precautions: –

It should be taken only under the strict observation of an Ayurvedic medical practitioner.

Self-medication with any medicine is not recommended.

Only purchase a medicine if it is prescribed by an Ayurvedic medical practitioner / Vaidya. You can also use our Ayurvedic consulting services by book an appointment with an Ayurvedic doctor / Vaidya.


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