Kumkumadi Tail

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Kumkumadi Tail an Ayurvedic herbal oil is used for facial message, wellness & treatment.  This beauty oil is an excellent facial wellness and skin care product which just not only nourishes your skin and facial wellness but it also treats skin related issues.  Kumkumadi Tail helps to improve skin texture, complexion and pigmentation issues. It cures skin issues like acne scars etc…

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Kumkumadi Tail is also known as “Saffron oil” it improves glow and complexion of the skin, It is a very good moisturizer and suitable for almost all types of skin especially for dry skin. If you have an oily skin consult with your Vaidya before applying it. It nourishes glow of your skin, prevent and cures black spots, dark circles, scars & hyper pigmentation.

Kumkumadi tail functions in a wide range from skin softening to lightening. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say Kumkumadi Tail is one stop solution for all of your skin problems.

Key Benefits of Kumkumadi Tail:

  • It cures dark circles, pimples and blemishes and add glow to face,
  • It works as a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen lotion,
  • It has the property to lighten the skin tone along with removal of skin blemishes which makes this oil unique skin wellness product and gives it ability of lightening the skin under the eyes,
  • It improves the skin texture. It softens the facial muscles and texture of skin. It cleans pores and even skin tone, restoring the face with a healthy glow,
  • Kumkumadi tail regular use has an anti-ageing affect and keeps the skin young, healthy & glowing,
  • Kumkumadi tail helps in removing blackheads and acne,
  • Kumkumadi tail is used for curing bruises, scotches and burns,
  • Kumkumadi Tail tones the skin and increases & improves blood circulation,
  • Kumkumadi Tail  is a good facial massage oil,
  • Kumkumadi Tail makes skin glowing and reduces pigmentation, it is best beauty care product and Ayurvedic medicine for hyperpigmentation,
  • It is very useful in sun tan.

Kumkumadi Tail side effects:

People who has oily skin must use it in small quantities, for not more than once in a day. It is advised test this oil over a small skin area before starting using it. In case of rash / burning / itching sensation, avoid using it.

It will be very helpful to you if you consult to your Vaidya before using it. So far this tail is not exposed to any known or major side effects.


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