Pushpadhanwa Ras

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Pushadhanva ras is an herbal – Mineral ayurvedic medicine which is prescribed to us infertility, impotence, sexual disorders. It is also used as a rejuvenator.

It is also being considered a good anti ageing medicine.


PushpaDhanva ras is very known medicine to treat sexual disorders; it is useful for male & female’s both.

In males it is used to cure semen disorders, e.g. impotency, erectile dysfunction due to nerve weakness and testicular dystrophy and improving libido.

For females it is used to treat infertility, Pcos, & reproductive system issues. It is also useful in ovulation by balancing hormones in body.

It is a rejuvenating tonic improves strength, stamina and energy. It is also a very good stimulant.

It affects on all tridosha (Pitta – Vata – Cough) and maintains a balance between vata & pitta.

Benefits of PushpaDhanwa Ras:

  • Impotency,
  • Oligospermia,
  • Erectile dysfunction,
  • Improves sperm count,
  • Infertility male and female,
  • Sleeplessness,
  • Poor memory,
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Side Effects & Cautiousness with Push Dhanwa Ras:

  • No self-medication with this medicine at all,
  • It must be avoided in pregnancy, lactation and in children,
  • It must be consumed only in the prescribed dose and instruction,
  • Over Dose of it may cause serious poisonous effect.

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