Raj Pravratani Vati

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Raj Pravartani vati is an ayurvedic medicine in tablet form used to cure menstrual irregularities amenorrhea, oligomenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea and scanty bleeding.

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Raj Pravartani vati is used to treat various health problems in female, Raj pravaratni vati affects on uterus & ovaries. Raj pravartani vati stimulate the evolution and corrects the ovarian functions.  It is helpful to treat scanty periods and backache during menstruation.


  • Dysmenorrhea,
  • Treats absence of periods & scanty bleeding in periods,
  • Improves chances of conceiving,
  • Reduces menstrual pain & improves quality to life,
  • Carminative, laxative & antispasmodic.

Precaution & Side effects:

  • Use of Raj Pravartani vati should not be used during pregnancy,
  • Over dosage may cause severe menstrual bleeding,
  • Self medication must be avoided.

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